A pro-peace journalist, Alex Mercer, and a pro-war soldier for the Earth United Front (EUF), Andrea Blair, challenge each other's philosophies regarding the ongoing conflict between humankind and the intergalactic race known as the Zull. Alex strongly believes the war can be resolved through diplomacy; Andrea believes there's only one solution to ending the conflict, eliminate the Zull. Who's right?

Exodus Conflict: Book #2 of 2

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"Hell, maybe there’s nothing but a crater left in the place of North America. And even though I should be worried to death, the only thing I can think about right now is Andrea Blair."
~Alex Mercer~

Since the final battle on the New World, Alex Mercer hasn't been able to forget about Andrea Blair, and she seems to not be able to forget about him. As the war between humanity and the Zull once again erupts, they find themselves reunited, and together they must survive the next stage of the Exodus Conflict. But Alex's secret, that he is one-half of what Andrea hates the most, just may tear their relationship apart.

This second and final chapter of the Exodus Conflict story takes you from Earth all the way to the Zull homeworld, and once again explores the concepts of love, war, animosity, and coexistence.

Released August 2015