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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Once & Always

30 years of Power Rangers! Wow! 30 years ago, I was just nine or ten years old. And like every other kid, I was caught up in the Power Rangers craze. I thought it was so cool to see teenagers transform into super heroes, but super heroes who do martial arts!

It was clear from the start that the makers of this 30th anniversary special understood what made Power Rangers so great, a combination of martial arts action and campy fun! I've seen reviews that say that other Rangers should have been featured, from the many other Power Rangers shows, but this was meant to be a "Mighty Morphin" reunion, created to pay tribute the "Mighty Morphin" era, which lasted 3 seasons.

Though I thought that the action scenes could have been better, they weren't bad. I especially love that jump-spin elbow from Billy to Robo Rita, at the beginning. One of the great things about Power Rangers as a kids' show in the 90s was that the action scenes were well choreographed, and the soundtrack rocked!

To sum things up, it was a darn good 1 hour special, and the ending tribute to Jason David Frank and Thuy Trang was heartwarming. Go, go Power Rangers!

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Once & Always

By the way, here's some of that cool music from the series I was talking about.

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