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The Wars of the New Humanity series is a page-turning sci-fi thriller that explores socioeconomic hierarchies, class warfare, ascribed status, group identity, war politics, and more, in a world where humanity wages battle in mechanized combatwear called Shells, humans Link in mental communion, and life throughout the universe is vast.

This science fiction series is sure to keep adult male and female readers enthralled!

Wars of the New Humanity book #2

Republic Under Siege: Threat from Within

In the second book of this adult science-fiction thriller, a young immigrant woman, from Colony Three, becomes an outcast within Eden’s class system but decides to retaliate, and she aims to recruit Randal Scott, one of the colonies’ liberators, into a social-justice organization involved in a shadow war against bigoted extremists.

Able to be enjoyed as a standalone story, this book is the perfect introduction for newcomers to the Wars of the New Humanity series, and it provides new thrills for returning readers.

What is the journey of a lottery beneficiary, a colony immigrant, like? What happens when an immigrant is transplanted on Eden, the utopian motherworld of humanity’s intergalactic republic, with hopes and dreams only to find themselves still marginalized by a class system? Akane Sugimori, a nineteen-year-old immigrant, found out, suffering through one tragedy after another.

Akane fortunately survived the hardships of Eden’s class system and now attempts to recruit Randal Scott, one of the colonies’ liberators, into a social-justice organization fighting for immigrant equality. Randy seems to be the perfect prospect, now finding himself a pariah among his brothers and sisters-in-arms since siding with the Coalition and taking part in the Battle of the Quad. But Randy discovers there’s more to this organization than meets the eye, as he becomes entangled in a violent shadow war that may have a seismic impact on the New Humanity’s future.

This emotional, edge-of-your-seat science-fiction technothriller will appeal to fans of N.E. Davenport, David Weber, Django Wexler, and W.C. Bauers, or simply readers looking to have a darn good time!


Release date: March 03, 2023

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Wars of the New Humanity book #1

Republic Falling: Advent of a New Dawn

In the first book of this adult science-fiction thriller, the discriminatory effects of classism spark a violent civil war within humanity’s intergalactic republic, and a young soldier, alongside his lover, seeks revenge on the man who murdered his mother and joined the insurrectionists, his own father.

What happens to your psychological state if you're Linked (joined in mental communion) with your mother as she's atomized from existence? Not too many people get to find out. Randal Scott is one of the unfortunate few, and he wouldn't wish that hell upon anyone. Who would?

Randy enlists into the Commonwealth Defense Force (CDF) to deliver retribution to the man who killed his mother and mentally scarred him for life, his father, Arson Scott. After establishing a wonderful life for his family and nurturing his son into manhood, Arson mysteriously joined the insurgency that threatens to collapse humanity's intergalactic republic and partook in his wife's murder.

Now Randy proceeds with deployment to Colony Four, where his father operates his insurgent faction. Alongside his lover and comrade, whom he shares a Link with, Stacie Spencer, Randy forges ahead with his quest to enact revenge. However, the path to vengeance is not a straightforward one for Randy. He becomes entangled in a web of violent conflict, lies, and conspiracies that have him questioning both of the combat forces in opposition, the CDF and the insurgency known as the Coalition of Rebel Factions.

This character-driven science-fiction war story explores themes of rebellion, ethics and morality, classism, and revolution. It will appeal to fans of W.C. Bauers, William C. Dietz, David Weber, Nicholas Sansbury Smith, or simply readers looking for thought-provoking fiction that is rife with action and adventure!


Released October, 2021

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