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Praise for
Republic Falling:
Advent of a New Dawn

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"While the topic of the fight between the upper class and the lower, less privileged is a common topic, very few authors have the skill to tackle it with grace and clarity."
—Reviewed by Rabia Tanveer for Readers' Favorite


"Michael J Brooks has created a well-developed world with Republic Falling: Advent of A New Dawn. It [the novel] would be enjoyed by sci-fi fans and possibly thriller fans too . . . I would recommend it."
—Reviewed by Samantha Gregory for Readers' Favorite

"Republic Falling has an emotional center and intelligent angles that make it an irresistible read."
—Reviewed by Vincent Dublado for Readers' Favorite


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"A satisfying sci-fi thriller, the plot is evenly paced and the conflict is engaging."

"Action scenes are exciting and enjoyable."

"The fictional universe . . . features plenty of supporting details and technologies that flesh out the world."

"The characters are . . . presented with a sufficient complexity and internal conflict to help propel the plot and action satisfactorily."

The BookLife Prize
"The plot was very interesting. The idea that humans have created a space to flourish among extraterrestrial beings and are in an alliance with them felt new and interesting . . . The technological advances of modifying humans, creating colonies and artificial islands were intriguing to read."
—Fangirling Over Frappes, a Reedsy Discovery reviewer

Review by Review Tales Magazine

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