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A pro-peace journalist, Alex Mercer, and a pro-war soldier for the Earth United Front (EUF), Andrea Blair, challenge each other's philosophies regarding the ongoing conflict between humankind and the intergalactic race known as the Zull. Alex strongly believes the war can be resolved through diplomacy; Andrea believes there's only one solution to ending the conflict, eliminate the Zull.

Exodus Conflict is the debut novel of Michael J. Brooks. Brooks has been a consumer of science fiction for years, especially sci-fi war stories. He is a fan of the works of WC Bauers, David Weber, William C Dietz, Nicholas Sansbury, Veronica Roth, Galaxy's Edge, Richard Baker, and more.

Exodus Conflict is for adult male and female readers looking for a thought-provoking adventure.

Exodus Conflict Novels book #2

Released October, 2015

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Exodus Conflict: New Genesis

"Hell, maybe there’s nothing but a crater left in the place of North America. And even though I should be worried to death, the only thing I can think about right now is Andrea Blair."
~Alex Mercer~

Since the final battle on the New World, Alex Mercer hasn't been able to forget about Andrea Blair, and she seems to not be able to forget about him. As the war between humanity and the Zull once again erupts, they find themselves reunited, and together they must survive the next stage of the Exodus Conflict. But Alex's secret, that he is one-half of what Andrea hates the most, just may tear their relationship apart.

This second chapter of the Exodus Conflict story takes you from Earth all the way to the Zull homeworld, and once again explores the concepts of love, war, animosity, and coexistence.

Exodus Conflict Novels book #1

Exodus Conflict

Due to war, environmental mistreatment, and the overuse of natural resources, Earth was brought to the brink of catastrophe. In order to preserve human civilization, nations put aside their animosity and worked together to find a new homeworld within the depths of the Milky Way Galaxy. It appeared to be the perfect planet to call Second Earth, and humanity thought this new world would be all for their taking; however, a race of people known as the Zull also needed this planet for their salvation. Because of fear, hate, and distrust, the races were unable to compromise. Earth then united their militaries to form the Earth United Front (EUF), and a war for total supremacy erupted.

Now, a lone journalist named Alex Mercer travels to the planet humanity and the Zull are warring over, seeking to understand why the war has been drawn out for three years, even though the simple solution of “coexistence” could end it tomorrow. While on his adventure, Alex becomes acquainted with an EUF soldier named Andrea Blair, whose cold gray eyes tell a tale of death, sorrow, and hate. And though Andrea seems to be nothing more than a heartless Zull killer, Alex sees something more behind her cruel demeanor. Alex sees someone who wants to simply laugh, love, and enjoy life; and it becomes his personal mission to prevent Andrea from remaining the cold shell of a person war has made her, as well as prevent humankind and Zull from wiping each other out.

Of all the wars Alex has covered, he has never experienced one quite like this, and he has certainly never met a woman like Andrea Blair.

Released September, 2012

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Praise for Exodus Conflict:

"Excellent read with plenty of action and emotion."
Bil Howard for Readers' Favorite

"Michael J. Brooks' Exodus Conflict is a thoughtful look into a catastrophic future, where this planet can no longer sustain life."
Jack Magnus for Readers' Favorite

"What did I like about Exodus Conflict? Everything!"
Lorena Sanqui for Readers' Favorite

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