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Praise for
Republic Under Siege:
Threat from Within

"The second book in the sci-fi series Wars of the New Humanity combines elements of thriller, social inspection, and sci-fi to produce a riveting, refreshingly original story . . . packed with moment-by-moment reactions to pain, surprising twists and turns, and journeys towards healing and revised destinies. It will attract a wide age range, from young adult to adult readers."
—D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

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"Memorable characters, passionate prose, riveting action, graphic combat scenes, and steamy romance make this technothriller a standout read for new adult audiences. Brooks deftly explores social justice themes related to misogyny, racism, classism, and the balance between revolutionary ideals and maintaining functioning governmental systems while keeping his audience thoroughly entertained with the characters' intertwined conflicts, romantic liaisons, and destinies."
—Kate Robinson, The US Review of Books


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"Brooks's prose serves the story well, with action scenes powerfully resonating on the page. Interesting questions as to what makes actions that bring about change morally right or wrong are delved into, adding an interesting twist to this sci-fi dystopian tale."
—The BookLife Prize, 2022

"Thoroughly captivating, ingenious, and full of heart-pounding tension. Brooks has created a richly imagined world . . . The riveting storyline, plus plenty of jaw-dropping action scenes, keep readers on the edge of their seats. Solid and addictive; a SF thriller done right."
The Prairies Book Review

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"Michael J. Brooks is a show and tell writer, which I could see right from the beginning of the story, as the scenes were so vivid. Through this story, Michael J. Brooks reminds us that there are consequences to the choices we make and that we can fit in somewhere, no matter who we are or where we come from."


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"The writer [Michael J. Brooks] excels in describing the resilience of the oppressed. Republic Under Siege: Threat from Within is one of the best sci-thrillers that I have read. It is a well-written and awesome book full of action and unpredictability. I recommend others to buy a copy."

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"It [the book] was an action-packed entertainer till the end."
—Fangirling Over Frappes, a Reedsy Discovery reviewer

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