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Michael J. Brooks

Science Fiction Author

Michael J. Brooks holds a BA in Art and an MFA. Exploration of social issues, unpredictable plot twists, and vivid action and adventure are the crux of his adult science-fiction novels. He is a fan of the works of W.C. Bauers, William C. Dietz, N.E. Davenport, Larry Correia, Django Wexler, Nicholas Sansbury Smith, Richard Baker, and others. Dedicated to being the best wordsmith possible, his goal is to deliver absolute quality and a fun, well-written adventure. When not writing, he enjoys reading comic books, watching Netflix, and reading sci-fi and fantasy books.

NEWEST science fiction RELEASES

Wars of the New Humanity: Collection One

Release date: December, 2023

Wars of the New Humanity ebook cover.jpg

Collection One

Wars of the New Humanity Series BOOK #2

Released March, 2023

ebook cover.jpg

Republic Under Siege: Threat from Within

Wars of the New Humanity Series BOOK #1

Released October, 2021

Republic Falling.jpg

Republic Falling:

Advent of a New Dawn

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