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Wars of the New Humanity: Collection One

Collects books 1 and 2 of Wars of the New Humanity


The Wars of the New Humanity series is a page-turning sci-fi thriller that explores socioeconomic hierarchies, class warfare, ascribed status, group identity, war politics, and more, in a world where humanity wages battle in mechanized combatwear called Shells, humans Link in mental communion, and life throughout the universe is vast.

This science fiction series is sure to keep adult male and female readers enthralled!


This collection comprises books one and two of the Wars of the New Humanity series.

Republic Falling: Advent of a New Dawn (book #1)

Eden, the utopian motherworld of humanity’s Commonwealth, is a haven of luxury and prosperity. Its inferior counterpart, the planet designated Satellite One, offers only mediocrity to its people, despite the Commonwealth Government’s promises of equality.

Now war erupts between humanity’s two planetary habitats, and a young soldier named Randal Scott, alongside his lover, Stacie Spencer, seeks revenge on the man who annihilated his mother and joined the insurrectionists, his own father. Together, they become embroiled in a web of violent conflict, lies, and conspiracies that have Randy questioning both of the combat forces in opposition, the Commonwealth Defense Force and the insurgency known as the Coalition of Rebel Factions.

Republic Under Siege: Threat from Within (book #2)

The Commonwealth’s domestic war is over, but peace remains elusive.

Akane Sugimori, a young colony immigrant from Satellite One, becomes an outcast within Eden’s class system but retaliates, and she aims to recruit Randal Scott, one of Satellite One’s liberators, into a social-justice organization fighting a clandestine war against murderous extremists scheming to preserve the status quo.

This character-driven adult science-fiction series explores themes of rebellion, ethics and morality, classism, and revolution. It will appeal to fans of W.C. Bauers, William C. Dietz, David Weber, Nicholas Sansbury Smith, or simply readers looking for thought-provoking fiction that is rife with action and adventure.

Wars of the New Humanity: Collection One


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